Monday, 21 July 2014

Une Question...

For those of you who don't speak ANY French, the above title is not pronounced with an English accent... Just thought I'd say that. And I suppose, on this basis, our French has improved a little in that we use regularly phrases (like I say 'C'est terrible' to F) like the above. I still don't think of it as French or that mine has improved much... Oh and I considered watching 'Planes 2' in French on Sunday. But couldn't quite face it. *sigh* Now I'm cross that they're not showing it any more and F is freaking at Dragons 2. But anyway, this is all TOTALLY off the topic of actually what I am posting about today...

Just to detract for a second again as well: aren't you lucky people that after I said I wasn't sure if I'd keep this blog going, I'm writing a 2nd post in a DAY?! What I may try to do is actually write the posts as I think of them, and publish at the same time. I'm a bit too much of a perfectionist normally to do that...

Anyway, soooo. A question.

I posted this on the facebook page:
I can't annoyingly, seem to get it horizontal. The red bag has a strap inside. And quite a few pockets. It is also twice the price of the yellow bag. The yellow bag is nicely simple and bright. But I like red. My question. Which bag do I keep?

Why am I asking such a question? Well for a few reasons and this post actually kinda made sense to me. I have just subscribed to notifications by 'The Minimalists' and this particular post, the last part where it says minimalism means different things to different people, really really does sum it up for me.

I do feel guilty about returning to work but part of me has justified it from the minimalist angle (as opposed to other minimalists who are that way in order to be able to stay at home). I could probably quite easily get by without either of these bags. And if I was to be truly sensible, I'd make my lunch each day and then leave my purse (out of view) in my car at work. But I figure it would be nicer to have a bag to take my purse into work in. Admittedly, realising it will probably only be my purse initially makes me feel a bit silly but I'm a girl, right?

And that is my big issue and fight with myself. I don't plan to raise my daughters to think that because they're girls they have to fit a stereotype, I sure as hell don't consider it myself. I am a strong believer that any female can achieve anything they want. It's not always easy and it's not the same, but they can do it. So why why why have I chosen to spend money on a bag, or in this case 2 bags, justifying it with 'because I'm a girl, right?' I hate myself for it. And then I think, if I hate myself for it, why not just take both bags back and be sensible about it. But I like them. *sigh* Being a girl and aspiring to be a bit more minimalist and maybe not the 'normal' lifestyle is sure tough at times.

So, which bag do you think I should keep? Or do you think I should keep neither? 

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