Sunday, 14 September 2014

Hello there

So I last posted over a month ago. And I have no idea what's happening with this blog. At the moment I often feel I have no idea what's happening with my life lol. It's a bit of a crazy rollercoaster at the moment! But I discovered today that a lovely friend in the land of FB writes a blog & she's inspired me to write another post, even if it's just detailing how I haven't got a clue ;)

So I started working full time about 6 weeks ago. I don't think it's too appropriate for me to go into detail about what I'm doing or where I'm working. I love the unusualness of working in Luxembourg & I realised, tbh, the other day, that I love working. We'll see what the future holds...

F seems to have settled nicely at her new creche, thankfully. So far they've taken her swimming & to the big summer fayre, Schueberfouer. My biggest baby is definitely growing up, she went to the play area ('Espace Enfant Auchan') whilst we went shopping today and was absolutely fine... Apparently I'm a very nervous mummy!

Z is absolutely loving creche and almost the opposite of her big sister BUT does love and look up to her sister, it seems, thankfully. She's now crawling and today has started trying to pull herself up so I guess it won't be long before she tries walking - gulp!

So, what's to come?

Well, F starts 'precoce' (preschool) on Tuesday. It's a few minutes walk from her creche so they'll pick her up. I'm terrified, though at least after today (being left at the play area) I know she's fine with strangers... She actually said before we left her, well she wailed 'I just want to play with my friends'...

Z's 1st birthday! Yes, after all the trials & tribulations, my baby baby turns 1!
And then we have a wedding to attend....
I'm hoping to sell last things at the last summer sale in Luxembourg... Not sure yet tho...

It's my birthday... And I'm re-celebrating my big 30 because I was ill last year...
Anddddd we move house! Yes, we actually officially bought the house last month but we get the keys on 10th November so have started packing.

Is of courseeeee Christmas. And the time my current work contract ends.

So that's a brief catch up.

(I felt sunflowers were nice and the creche is 'Le petite tournesol' or 'little sunflower')

I may as well ask in here, a sort of question. How do others deal with daughters and clothes? Or rather young daughters? We are having a few issues with F. I now think it's just she wants to choose (there's no school uniform here) but it's making mornings a challenge...

So if anyone has any suggestions, I'd be interested...

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