Saturday, 8 November 2014

A New Start?

I had the idea last weekend that when I get up with the girls on a Saturday morning, I should use the time to write some blog posts so I don't forget. So this is the first time...

And then yesterday we got the keys to our new house so I thought 'a new start' was a good enough title for this post. A new start to my organisation I hope and a new start in a house.

So I'm expecting my main source of blogging for the next month to be about the house. We don't plan to actually move in for another at least 2 weeks. Before then I need to wash all the walls, choose pain colour and then get painting! The walls are all textured as well so painting is going to be more of a challenge!

What will be our living room area.

Dining room 'end' - play area in the middle.

Bathroom no1

Part of hallway

Kitchen - to be ripped out next week!

One of the girls' bedrooms - apparently this is very expensive flooring!? ;)

Bathroom no2

Hall cupboard! :)

Paint testers.

Wardrobes in our bedroom. 

As my friend observed, there's a LOT of storage space! :) 

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