Saturday, 1 November 2014


A few bits to catch you up on:

  • I have given up working full time. I hated myself for running around like a headless chicken (ever seen this?! It is quite weird) rushing F to school etc. 
  • We are moving house next month. No our apartment is not packed. No I have not finished the massive declutter/ sort out that I want to do. *sigh* As my friend here said, 'I bet you haven't stopped since giving up work' and it's sooo true! It's crazy...
  • I am hoping to start helping with the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award/ Merite Jeunesse after I'm trained in January.
  • I am going to investigate what French and Luxembourgish language courses there are offered by our new commune office in January.
  • I forgot to add I have been following juice plus. More on this to come...
  • More to come on our new house...
  • Andddd hopefully I'll get a bit more organised with my life and what I want to achieve and actually start scheduling blog posts etc! I have a lot half written and started that I've never finished... I feel a new years resolution coming on! ;)
Regarding being more organised: after a casual chat with a friend I had 2 ideas. She writes her blog posts once a month. Which inspired me to do the same (this morning I also thought I should use the time I'm awake on a Saturday morning to do these things). And then further inspired me that the first week of the month from now on is going to be my 'audit month'. Hopefully this will be successful & if it is, I will write a post later. I've currently set a reminder & included everything I want to do, checking clothing, writing blog posts & most importantly, cooking meals & updating our budget. I'm also hoping to get organised with birthday cards! 

Oh and Z turned 1 last month. We have a ridiculously busy November and probably December coming up.

Happy Halloween!? :)

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