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How Crunchy Are You?

I had a chat with a friend on facebook recently and it inspired this post. This is JUST FOR FUN. Please do not take offence, think I am trying to shove my opinions down your throat or anything. I did this quiz ages ago and then the conversation today inspired me. That is all.

So, what's this post about?

It's about some choices I've made as a parent and why I've made them.

I googled 'how crunchy are you' to get a quiz and it turns out there's a few out there, so I completed '' and got 'Mmmm love that whole grain crunch' which is somewhere in the middle.

The questions (please excuse any bad grammar, I'm using the questions directly):

1. Do you have a homebirth?

With my oldest daughter yes, completely unassisted and totally unintentional. In hindsight, it was brilliant. I didn't know I was in labour so I had to go with it. For example, I remember just before the final push having this feeling that I had to just really get on with it.

2. Will you circumcise?

I have 2 daughters so this doesn't really apply...

3. Do you use cloth diapers?
 Elimination Communication (no diapers)
Yes - wash and make own diapers
Yes - wash own
Yes - diaper service
Thinking about it
No - wouldn't even consider it.

Yes, I use cloth. I can't sew so I don't make my own but I do use cloth nappies. And I love them and will be devastated (yes even my husband thinks I'm crazy but yes I will be devastated) when my baby potty trains and I'll have to sell them... And yes I will keep some of the more 'special' ones for them to play with/ their memory suitcase.

4. Do you observe your fertility signals using; Natural Family Planning/Fertility Awareness and use that for birth control?
 Yes - observe and use for birth control/TTC; or you use ecological breastfeeding/lactational amenorrhea
Yes - observe for TTC
Thinking about it
No - wouldn't consider it

I did track things a bit when I was trying for Z. But it didn't last long. I don't do this in general for a few reasons. I won't go into some of the more personal reasons but what I will say is I have used contraception for the 12 years I've been with my husband. Both times we've wanted a baby we have fallen pregnant immediately. I didn't particularly enjoy being pregnant and so don't intend to have any more children. So I believe if I was to try natural methods it would almost certainly result in a life changing 'accident'.

5. Do you co-sleep?
Yes - all night every night
Yes - part/all of most nights
No - but room in with baby. Baby has own bed in your room
Thinking about it
No - wouldn't consider it

I did when Z was first born. If my daughters aren't well then they normally end up in bed with us. I wanted to co-sleep for longer but we found no one was getting any sleep and frankly I cannot exist on no sleep (& I know lots of mums who say now they're a mum they magically manage but I really don't!).

6. Do you use a baby sling/soft carrier?
Yes - make and use your own slings
Thinking about it
No - wouldn't consider it

I love and am an advocate of my baby carrier. When I moved to Luxembourg I found out more about them as I found using a pushchair was a pain on the bus. I bought a black Boba and used it massively. I then bought a beige Boba when Z was born and it was my life saver when she was small. She would only sleep or even be quiet held upright and mostly against me. So I was able to play with F whilst Z slept on me. I have 2 because we keep one in the car and one at home. And so if necessary, hubby can have 1 and I can. Yes, my 3 year old can still easily go in this baby carrier for cuddles and lazy walks!
I don't make my own because I've never tried sewing and I think it would result in a whole new obsession! ;)

7. Do you breastfeed exclusively for the first 6+ months?
Yes - child-led weaning
Yes - including exclusively pumping moms
No - but use occasional bottles of expressed breastmilk and occasional bottles of formula
Thinking about it
No - wouldn't consider it

No but I wanted to. F being premature meant I had to pump initially and I was advised to stop because I hated it. Another topic for another day ;) I am a huge advocate of extended breastfeeding but didn't succeed myself.

8. Do you believe in/practice child-led weaning; even if that means breastfeeding for several years?
Yes - complete child-led weaning
Yes - up to 3 years
Yes - up to 2 years
Thinking about it
No - wouldn't consider it

I believe in it but I didn't do it. Because I didn't breastfeed F I wanted to long term breastfeed Z. Unfortunately it wasn't meant to be, she didn't gain weight and take to breastfeeding very well and I ended up in hospital ill at one point.

9. Do you tandem nurse/nurse during your pregnancy?
 Yes - nurse during pregnancy and tandem nurse
Yes - nurse during pregnancy, but wean before birth
Thinking about it
No - wouldn't consider it

If I had been breastfeeding F still when pregnant, I would have continued.

10. Would you/have you ever breastfed/fed someone else's baby or have someone else breastfeed your child?
 Yes - have or someone has breastfed your baby
Yes - would do it
No - wouldn't consider it

If you put this in the literal context: a hungry baby and a human being able to feed them, yes I would. And the same goes for my child, it didn't happen but when Z was newborn and not taking to breast feeding, I had this conversation. Again, much as I'd love to go into detail on this, I don't think it's something the whole world wants to know about! ;)

11. Do you eat organic/whole/natural foods and limit your meat?
Yes - complete grow own/buy organic, shop only at health food store, grind own wheat, vegetarian, etc.
Yes - grow some of own food, buy organic, use whole wheat flour, bake own bread, eat some meat occasionally
Yes - try to buy natural, whole grain foods, etc
Thinking about it
No - wouldn't consider it

This is just plain logical to me. Hubby isn't so keen on reducing the meat. We don't have any garden space so can't really grow our own but we do have a bread maker and I'm trying to eat 'clean' meals.

12. Do you use herbal/homeopathic remedies?
 Yes - very rarely see a regular doctor
Yes - but use a doctor occasionally
Thinking about it - See a doctor for now
No - wouldn't consider it

I take Juice Plus capsules. I would say we probably just avoid the doctor rather than use herbal remedies.

13. Do you homeschool?
 Yes - currently homeschool
Yes - will homeschool for now
Thinking about it
No - wouldn't consider it

I did consider it and researched it but it's not that simple in Luxembourg. I also truly believe, particularly now, that my children are happier in school and get more out of it.

14. What's your take on childhood vaccinations?
No vaccines
Delayed vaccinations, seperate vaccinations, or selectively vaccinate
Selective, on schedule vaccination
Thinking about NOT vaccinating
Vaccinate on schedule

This is one thing I am not crunchy on. Both my kids are fully vaccinated and F actually had an extra one when we moved here, at my request (chicken pox).

15. Do you use cloth/re-usable products for mom? (Sea Sponge, Diva Cup, etc etc)
 Yes - make and use own
Yes - buy own
Thinking about it
No - wouldn't even consider it

I was going to duck out of this topic as I know people who have read in the past have commented. But given the topics already covered, I may as well briefly answer. I have a mooncup.

16. Do you wear make-up?
No never
Sometimes/Rarely - use natural make-up lightly
Yes - all the time

Basics. I feel better and think I look a bit better. My husband can't tell, mind you! ;)

17. Do you shave?
No never
Sometimes/Rarely - some parts, like armpits but not legs or vice versa
Yes - all the time

Yes cos frankly I don't see what at all is crunchy about this! ;)

18. What is your shoe style?
Barefoot whenever possible
Sandals when going out
Give me my socks and shoes please

Unintentionally barefoot...

19. Do you use natural cleaning products/etc?
Yes - make own
Yes - buy

My cleaner dictates what we use currently but in the future I would like to have the time to make and use my own...

The other topics not covered here is extended rear facing car seats and more of baby led weaning. My kids have rear facing car seats because the research we did suggested they were safer and didnt' cost anything extra so they know no different and are stuck in them. We're about to get a second car and will continue with rear facing. 

We have done a mixture of some puree but to be honest I got bored very quickly and moved to baby led weaning. It does make a lot more sense to me. I also find it a lot more natural. Especially with baby number 2, I can just give them a pizza crust or a piece of vegetable and they can feed themselves...

So that's this questionnaire and as such post finished. Hubby has joked that I've gone all 'hippy' but frankly I can think of worse things to be called! :)

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