Sunday, 2 November 2014

My Early New Year's Resolutions...

Having given up work and as we're about to move house, I have informed Mr Adventures of Mamma that I will take over as much as possible in the home. This meaning things like tracking our finances and budget (which we don't really currently do due to lack of time). So I have set a reminder on my phone calendar that the first week of each month I have labelled 'audit' week but it's not a very good word for it. 

What am I planning to do?
  1. Firstly bulk cooking. This is cooking a large fish pie, mince mixture, etc, then freezing it in individual portions so that each week I just get enough food out to feed us. Like ready frozen meals from the supermarket but home made so I hope better for us!
  2. Filing. I am regularly WELL behind with this. To the point where our passports don't get filed from the last time we were in the UK before the next trip back! :(
  3. Emails. I currently have 10 pages of emails in my inbox. 'Nuff said?!
  4. Laptop 'audit' - I have so many random documents and things that seem useful but turn out not to be. 
  5. Toys - rotating them, getting rid of no longer played with... Updating labels and storage...
  6. Clothes - keeping up with Project 333 for us 3 girls and generally checking them.
  7. Change photo's on my screensaver and then when we move I'll have photo's on our tv so changing those over. 
  8. Sending photo's and drawings to appropriate people. I have also just downloaded 2 apps - Keepy & Touchnote so I'll keep you updated as to whether they're as good as I hope they'll be! :)
  9. Birthday cards for the month. I am awful with this so hopefully this will help....
  10. Finances - as I said above.
  11. Back my mobile up to my laptop.
  12. Actually write blog posts for the month
  13. Send a news email to some friends that aren't on facebook
  14. Make bread for the month.
I may of course, add to the list as time goes on but I am also conscious I'll only have a week to do this ;) 

Anyway, not only do I plan to do this but we're moving house this month and I had an idea of hosting a Christmas party at our new house BUT have just realised the timing is going to be hard... I feel a headache coming on but I'm sure it'll still be fine! ;)

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