Saturday, 15 November 2014

Nouveau maison...

Or new house to the English ;)

We got the keys finally last Friday night. We got 1 wall painted last weekend then on Monday I discovered we could still see lots of white so that's been a major source of my frustration. I don't feel like we've achieved much this week, or as much as I'd like. But it's now Friday & things are slowly improving.

I've made it to both Krav Maga sessions this week, which included practising rolls Thursday night on a dead arm (anddddd a Krav Maga night out last night)! I've done a late night (well as late as this country gets!) trip to the diy store, Hornbach, to get paint advice (in English, love how you ask if someone speaks English and they say 'a little' then proceed to give you advice on painting!). And yesterday I finished painting the kitchen! 

Today I have started on F's room, as the living room is now just annoying me, it can wait until the weekend. We've also started moving boxes and ordered our fridge. Men are checking & putting together the new kitchen as I type. It's interesting cos they only speak French. As do our neighbours, who we also met during the week. 

So photos:

The lounge/dining/ play room

What a ripped out, half painted kitchen looks like! 

Just painted first wall of f's room.

And lastly I went to a free class yesterday afternoon to look at a potential new venture - it's all go here! ;) My father in law said 'I hope you're not doing too much too soon' the other day and my response was 'who me?!' ;) Then I read 'It's never 1 thing with me' from someone else and thought 'yes, that sums me up'. Not content on moving house, I now have to make a decision about businesses! But that's definitely for another blog post! ;)

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