Friday, 21 November 2014

Oh dear...

I thought 'I'll write a post quickly on my plans'. Then thought 'how do you make god laugh? Tell him your plans' :S But I'll tell you anyway, even if they don't happen:

I am of course, referring to house plans. I was just commenting on facebook on my sister in law's wedding dress & it reminded me that I have plans for my own. This house has a lot to live up to! ;)

  • I wanted to decorate in colours because for ages we've lived in white or magnolia. Not bright colours but I wanted pale walls and then bright accents. There's a 'sort of' arch in the main 'living' room that we're painting dark red. I'm hoping to be a bit crazy and daring with the hallway. (But I won't say what yet) That's the one 'room' we've decided to just get a painter in... 
  • Then I hope to have all sorts of long forgotten 'treasures' on display, things from our wedding and as I mentioned, my wedding dress. I'm not entirely sure how yet as I was thinking our bedroom but I'm not sure I'll fit it in there, the room being quite small. Maybe I'll just hang it up on a hook, as it has it's own pearl hanger. I should probably write a post about my wedding at some point, as I was determined to do it myself on things we weren't so fussed about and then we spent money on our rings and photo's, things we'd keep...
  • A cat flap will appear, we'll probably have to get it cut into a glass door.
  • We're planning on having shelving in the caves, for bulk buying foods, etc. 
  • I'm planning on lots of storage for bags and coats, etc, in the hallway.
  • We'll finally have a proper study where I'm intending to actually neatly be able to keep 'everything'.
  • F asked for her room to be 'Winnie the Pooh'. So she has a blind & wall stickers. Z has an 'outdoor' scene... We've considered various options for lampshades. F will probably get a new wardrobe, Z some shelving.

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