Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Holiday sickness :(

I would love to write a lovely post about the new year but unfortunately right now everyone apart from z & the cat are ill. And we have no proper Internet. Soooo I promise to post in the new year with all sorts of plans I have. And the good side of being ill is it has made me decide that I think I'd rather work on blogging more than set up a 'formal' business. I can blog wherever I am, dressed how I like & coughing/sneezing how I like but if I set up the ideas I have had I couldn't. 

To be honest I don't know how other mums manage to work from home with their kids in school. We've nowhere near finished what we want to achieve on our house, I've lots of ideas for the future & have 2 daughters to look after! ;)

So for now, here's to 2015! May you have a happy, healthy and prosperous new year! And may I achieve my blogging dreams to the max ;) 

Friday, 5 December 2014

Love is...

My husband, despite calling me names, going to our car in the cold to get my bag at about 11pm so I don't have to in my pjs the next morning! :)

* Why's there a basket upside down on it I hear you ask?
I have to wear a uniform & protective gear to Krav Maga. So I get changed at home before & after. I don't want to keep the protective gear in my clothes drawer so I have the basket for them on top. 
Last night I decided to change at the hall & then left the bag with my jeans in it, in my car...


The biggest trouble with moving house & just before Christmas is the massive abundance of 'projects' that have 'appeared':

I'm gonna have to do a loving shout out to my awesome husband:

He had the idea of painting this 'old' ikea table, with chalkboard paint. We already had both I should add. Then when I'd sat down exhausted tonight to a glass of wine he even offered to paint it for me! 

Other projects?
Sooo many. And I've set 2 weeks time a date to have a Christmas party... I'm mad, aren't I?! No internet on my laptop for a few weeks. 

However we have decided on a few things. Not ideal but we're having our bathrooms redone in January and we'll get all the painting finished after that. So that means leaving other bits, like shelves until then. But we decided we need to live for a bit first. Hubby's words were 'let it grow organically'. :) 

Most rooms are 'nearly' done. Which frustrates me that it's only nearly but I think I need to remind myself it doesn't have to be perfect...