Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Back in the land of the living! :)

Soooo I finally have the internet on my laptop again - wooooo hoooo! 

It has taught me one enormous thing: it was surprisingly hard living without the internet on my laptop for over a month! We had really bad connections on our mobiles (2 foot thick stone walls I guess!?). There's also a few things you can't access easily on your mobile, like the 'other' box on facebook...

I have tried to plan a little bit of what I'm going to post but please bear with me as I still have 'normal' life to keep up with (ya know, the washing, the cleaning, 2 kids) but I'm trying to be a little more organised to keep my sanity in tact...

I have lots I want to update you on and lots I want to catch up on:

Firstly, and I already haven't done this - oops - I am going to attempt 'The 3 month declutter challenge' with Scrambled Nest. The first suggestion was Christmas decorations which are already packed away. BUT I did declutter the decorations last year and this year commented to husband that we seemed to have far less! Both daughters made stuff at 'school' so I have started a box that's full of bubble wrap purely for their homemade decorations! :) 

F did a dance at school wearing this! 'A dancing Christmas tree'

I paid €5 that goes to charity, for my oldest's first creation! :)
Personally I'm REALLY impressed with the quality of work that's come from F this Christmas. I don't know how her teachers have managed it! ;)

My 'present' that F made at school :)

We had a Christmas party/ housewarming and I got a teeny bit creative after searching on pinterest! ;)

You can't see very well but these 'cups' have face and buttons drawn on them with ribbon wrapped round to make snowmen. Again pinterest, though hubby pointed out it should have been white cups, but who cares?! ;)

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