Saturday, 10 January 2015


I had a great vet appointment with Firby cat recently.

He hates travelling - he cries, urinates, defecates and vomits on a short journey. So I found a vet that does home visits and now we've moved, not too expensively.

Olivia has been fantastic. Apparently Firby probably doesn't have the disease we were told he might have, there's also no obvious reason for him to develop diabetes very soon and she couldn't understand why we'd want to take his blood sugar levels regularly. He might also tolerate dried cat food/ supermarket brand. She did want to see him at the vets though, which is booked in for next week... He's going to have a dental and she's going to check his other general health.

Then the vets we previously went to started stocking dried cat food under the type he was having (he has had problems so was on a special food) so we've tried him on that and.... Yipppeee he seems to be ok! He's eating ok, drinking ok, got a vet's appointment booked in next week and is going out exploring nicely. Admittedly the latter has me slightly concerned and I am trying to keep him fairly close to home for now but it's nice not to worry too much. The next step will be getting a cat flap installed so I don't have to worry about having a litter tray for him...

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