Saturday, 24 January 2015

Letting Go.

I used to be friends with a group of mums. And I became friends with a new group last year. At the same time my original friends kinda just stopped talking to me. I have a feeling I know why but have never actually asked them. I have bumped into some of them and been polite. We're still friends on facebook and as a result I've seen many outings that I've not been invited to (which is how I realised they'd stopped bothering with me). I am not too upset that I have lost touch with them as I have new friends. I'm sad they haven't bothered asking me what happened because if it's what I think then it has a simple explanation. But Luxembourg is VERY small so I guess gossip gets around and distorted easily.

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What does bother me is that I still feel bitter when I see things on facebook. And today it occurred to me I should just unfriend them. But that doesn't seem the done thing. Then I thought 'forget the done thing'. But I've still stopped myself. I guess part of me likes torturing myself, I haven't spoken to them about it so it would be closed and I'd have to accept it if I unfriend them.

But it got me thinking about who I'm friends with on facebook, why and does it matter?

What I have done is cleared up my sat nav saved addresses. I saved our home address at the top, renamed our old address (I still need to go there sometimes) and most importantly, deleted the friend's previously mentioned, where appropriate. So I guess you could say in that respect, I am letting go of my issues from 2014 and moving on. I'm mostly not friends on facebook and I've deleted them from my sat nav. For me that's probably it. I have lots of random phone numbers in my phone so I don't plan to delete them. I also find it confusing that phones seem to save numbers even once you've deleted them.

On another note, I try not to mention names on here because it is a blog so anyone in theory can read it. I try to ask permission if I ever use anything that would indicate, either a photo or a name, or even actually mentioning someone. It's never occurred to me to be honest, to do anything otherwise. I don't expect to have a private conversation with someone and then they write it on their blog. Even if they don't use my name. I also have very security conscious friends who don't want pictures of our children playing together all over the internet. And I respect that.

And lastly, I have just bought the workbooks from this site: so will let you know how I get on! :)

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