Thursday, 15 January 2015

New project!
I've hinted before but I was concerned it may not happen so didn't announce it but I think I can safely say now & maybe just lower my expectations/standards a little.

I heard various things in December which gave me the idea of doing one 'nice' thing a month this year. It could be anything, from a regular thing to a Random Act Of Kindness (RAOK), culminating in a 'RAOK Advent Calendar' in December - 1 thing a day. 

I have found for January I've been distracted by my Krav Maga grading & was a little concerned if I'd manage to start this project but if I lower my standards I just completed part one:

I stopped my car to allow an elderly couple to cross the road. It is raining & very windy so this may not sound big but it's a good example of a RAOK to help others. 

Some ideas I've heard of or had:
Joining the serve the city of luxembourg street team one saturday,
I hope to take F.
Donating my hair
Donating to a food bank
Donating to a refuge centre
Helping further at a refuge centre
Working on the DofE award here...
I know there's plenty of others. So firstly if you hear of any ideas let me know. Secondly, what do you think? The idea is not that it should cost a lot, it's more about leading by example. And giving back. 

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