Thursday, 22 January 2015


I am sooo fed up of painting it's unbelievable. And of course there's still some to do. However the good news is that we're getting there. FINALLY. Mr H has booked the last week of February off. The intention being to finish the last bits, like putting pictures up (that as we appear to be drilling into concrete I struggle with!) We'll leave sorting the 'garden cave' and painting the garage until the Summer. 

So I have stepped things up a gear. Instead of feeling grumpy that things aren't getting done as Mr H informed me a while ago that he wasn't that fussed and the house was mine, today I bought some paint for F's room & some testers for the study. I am planning a trip to a couple of stores (Ikea and Battiself) tomorrow. 

The laundry room is nearly finished now, I've painted most of the wine cellar this week. So after tomorrow's trip Mr H can build the shelves and then we can store things. Next week I hope to paint the wood parts of the girls' rooms and finish the walls (oh & wall stickers!). I'm also thinking of buying a white laundry basket for our bedroom and possibly then painting it (red). As I type this I am still thinking of the 101 things to do but it's all stuff that's fairly easily done.

Once the things are up on the walls during Mr H's week off I think that'll probably be everything for now. That doesn't include me doing my normal decluttering, that's just the bulk of decorating items. 

(Excuse the awful shadow in this photo)

On a separate note, this week I ran out of deodorant so was finally able to implement another idea I'd had ages ago. Baking soda. I had planned to buy a shaker or something similar and complicated from the internet but then I realised I could just buy a 'parmesan shaker' from our local supermarket:
I had a big box of baking soda already so I just spooned some in. I have been either shaking into my hand or directly onto my skin. So far it's been working! I'm so surprised and pleased. I'm also planning to use some in a little pot as toothpaste... 

And on another note, Z has started trying to run this week, no she can't walk yet! ;) And I've just caught her trying to climb her walker to the sideboard :/ Andddd she's getting her last front teeth in. We didn't get a lot of sleep last night!

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