Sunday, 11 January 2015

Progress made... Today!

F helped by putting 'stickers' on to the top of bookshelves to make them double height...

Then needed a nap on the futon we inherited in the study, after all her hard work! ;)

F's new wardrobe, 'laundry bin' and bookshelves:

F's new lampshade:

I saw it and thought I'd go for it. I had planned to buy a new bin, lampshade etc in Winnie the Pooh but she was happy with this so I think it was the right decision! :)

When we finally sat down hours later we had 'dinner': ;) (brie and cranberry)

Achieved today: Bookshelves put up for Z and F, wardrobe put up for F. Most 'things' put on bookshelves. Desk half put together and a LOT of boxes sorted out in study. Discussion furthered about bathroom 1 with the guy who's going to do it :)

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