Thursday, 29 January 2015


Had an interesting week. I've been moaning for several weeks now that I'm never home to do stuff. Then I realised today that I'm doing my usual trick: as soon as I'm close to 'finishing' something I go into stop mode & don't complete it.

For example, the week before I got married my husband to be had to kick me up the backside & helped to get things done. I just didn't want to do it (Ya know, seating plans, menus, important things).

One thing I do know is for me half the battle is realisation. It might take me a week or more to get there but that's not an issue. The important thing is Ive recognised what I'm doing (or not doing). 

So next week I'll be back to it:

  • Hopefully paint the woodwork in both girls rooms. 
  • Woodwork on the landing. 
  • Study - all needs painting. 
  • Clean windows for new blinds.
  • Put wall stickers up.
  • Finish painting some more of the cave/ laundry area.
  • Finish painting bits in the kitchen.
  • Finish some painting in the LR (maybe).
  • Put a line up for kid's artwork.
I think that's all I can do alone that I wanted to. The rest is drilling holes etc.

And this ^ is just a quick picture of progress with the bathroom! ;)

As the week draws to a close I've got 101 things going through my head, various issues that need resolving. BUT I am very pleased that I have managed to realise some of the issues I currently have and how to resolve them. My friend used the expression 'get your house in order - literally' :)

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