Thursday, 8 January 2015

The biggest project: the house.

I was trying to think where to start with catching up on blogging and then realised that having moved house we're living in areas that I haven't shown pictures of! 

When I show you these pictures, don't panic, I have not suddenly become an amazing domestic goddess overnight (hubby wishes!;)), I made sure to be very careful that I only took pictures of relatively clean and tidy areas! ;)

Soooo the kitchen:

It's slightly depressing to think that not one room is 'finished' but my friend cheered me up by pointing out that we've already had guests over, hosted a party and that houses grow organically. So I'm trying to be more gentle on myself...

The 'thing' on the wall above the stool is apparently related to there previously being a tv on a shelf on the wall. We still need to do another layer of paint on some areas as I only did 2 coats on the bits I thought would be seen. Turns out more can be seen (you can just see in the picture to the right of the microwave pencil marks on the wall for example). We'll probably get round to putting the iron on the wall and taking the 'thing' off the wall at the same time...

There's a cupboard above the microwave and I'm excited that we can finally make use of the stool! This belonged to my grandmother. I wasn't very close to her but she was ALWAYS sat on this stool in her kitchen so when she passed away I asked if I could have the stool. I did inherit some other things from her but this was one of the few things I specifically asked for, even though it was large. Hubby shocked me by saying he'd re varnish it etc, to which I exclaimed (the only word fitting to describe my reaction!) NO! But now I've come round to the idea that it might be ok. Either way, I'm really really chuffed to finally put use to it. 

We bought this board new. I've seen this post from Scrambled Nest (a new blog I've recently discovered from another mum in Luxembourg) and am thinking of adding to this board but I had planned to do so in the hall. I'm now thinking the kitchen may be more practical. Any suggestions on 'command centres'?

The living room: The rug is new. The bag of books is from our visit to the city library last week. Who knew books could cause an argument?! ;) This is in an effort that we don't have to buy all our books. 

F was good at the weekend so Dadda said she could have a present... When asked what she wanted she asked for a wardrobe for her bedroom! Not quite what we had in mind, but still! So when we went shopping on Tuesday afternoon and she spotted puzzles she has at precoce, I decided it would make a good present...

Proud mum: It seems precoce are constantly doing brilliant crafts with the kids! :) 

So we still have a lot to do but that's part of the house for now. I don't think we're actually going to concentrate on any one area because I'm hoping this weekend hubby and I are going to move everything out the laundry cave so I can paint it next week then there's some furniture in a different cave that we previously had in our bedroom that we're planning to use to organise boxes etc. Otherwise it's become a bit of a dumping ground so needs rectifying! I'm sure other people would work on other areas like finishing the kitchen but areas like the caves affect the rest of the house because in trying to be vaguely organised I store things in the caves and then can't easily get to them when the cave becomes a dumping ground mess! :(

In just over a week I have my Krav Maga grading so that's at the front of my mind right now. I should probably practise a lot more in the evening. My Christmas present from F was a thin gym mat. I think I still need the mattress to practise rolls unfortunately (I did 1 and got pain in my neck and back) but it's a start and F loves it! :)

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