Friday, 13 February 2015

5 Ideas for Half Term

I am not setting this in stone cos you know me, things always change here! But at the start of this week I was panicking as to how on earth I was going to keep F occupied during half term, especially as 2 friends I usually do stuff with are away. But I think I've pretty much got it covered now:

Z will still be going to creche at the moment, though I may 'take her out' for some activities.
  1. I can't take both girls swimming together (or rather I haven't tried and don't want to yet) on my own so I figured taking F swimming would be fun. Then I mentioned to a friend who suggested we could go together, she also has a daughter of a similar age.
  2. My other friend and I have planned a massive crafting session with her daughters. So I'm thinking of trying it at a time when I don't have Z, as that's never happened before and it'll mean I can focus 100% on F...
  3. I was thinking of a trip to the library as last time it was hard work with Z in tow... ;) (maybe lunch as well?!)
  4. Lunch with Papa :) (ie just me, F and Papa)
  5. And lastly I had the idea to do with Z but I actually think I may do it with F instead, of creating a scrapbook of our week's activities.
I think that lot should keep us fairly busy. I also want to have some 'down' time so if it doesn't fill every minute then that will be fine too.

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