Sunday, 1 February 2015

Audit week: how it's going

I can't actually remember what I said about this now (if anything) but this year I had planned that the first week of every month I'd treat as a 'catch up' or 'audit' week. This year I created a spreadsheet to try to keep track of the 101 things I need to do at any time, particularly blog posts. And I have a whole 'tab' just dedicated to 'audit week' that includes:

Monday bulk cooking Food
food?! make bread/rice milk for month Food
Paperwork! do meal plan for month and print out? Food/ Paperwork

filing Paperwork
Tuesday emails Paperwork

laptop audit Paperwork
Wednesday change photo's on tv, laptop screensaver, etc Paperwork
food?! send photo and drawing to grandparents, print any photo's Paperwork
Paperwork! bday cards Paperwork
take recycling, fill with diesel, collect apeh post Finances – budget ac's, check/pay uk credit card Paperwork

back phone up Paperwork
Thursday blog posts Paperwork

send nettie/sam an email Paperwork
Friday computer maintenance – defrag, clear cache?! Paperwork
Car – maintenance car maintenance – oil and water, wash & hoover?! Car
Cleaning fill car with diesel Car

toys General

clothes General

strip wash nappies General

So last month we didn't have the internet and it had just been Christmas so it was pretty easy - I just bulk cooked. But I did do it :D This month I've found another excuse, I have got to finish the painting next week because it's getting ridiculous. SO I've decided to once again postpone it completely. I have even mentioned to hubby and he agreed I can buy ready meals. I currently have 32 pages of emails in my inbox! :( We also have half term this month so I'll have F at home... One of the areas I need to paint is the study so that means trying to sort out filing and the huge amount of 'stuff' in there won't happen... But I have decided to move 2 toy storage cabinets from the caves to the study and keep my craft stuff organised in them so that will help when I get the chance to implement it. And I'm hoping the second week of February to clean the house thoroughly, a room a day, because it needs doing so badly.

Hubby is at least off the last week of February so hopefully I can vaguely catch up on things that week. We'll see...

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