Saturday, 21 February 2015

Half Term, our RAOK & free shopping

Well I am absolutely exhausted after a busy half term week with F! It's been fantastic but I'm kinda relieved she's back to precoce next week. Z has gone to creche as normal so I had some time with F alone...

It has not been the cheapest week but it's not been tooooo excessive I think:

Monday we went to a friend's to do some crafting and then went swimming with a different friend. I actually got an awesome picture from swimming but as it features my friend's daughter and I did get asked in the pool, I didn't think I should post it...

On Tuesday we had a full on crafting day with friends. They live near the school and creche so I often end up descending on them so we hosted them for a change! :) 

In a general chat I discovered that our friends had never had pancake day so we tested our local chinese take away and then Pappa made pancakes...

Wednesday we chilled in the morning (I was pretty tired by this point anyway) and then went to the library briefly, a sushi restaurant where F tried out a 'Sushi Train' followed by a trip to the Chocolate House. She was given this below at the Sushi restaurant just because but refused to eat it. And then made her way through a ginormous piece of chocolate cake & chocolate milk! 

THEN we did our RAOK. I bought a homeless man a coffee... And it turned out that it was the same guy I bought for in December and he remembered me (not many English speak to him apparently). I was so proud of F because she behaved herself and entertained us and spoke a little bit of Luxembourgish to him... Which considering how horribly wrong it could have gone...

Thursday we were back baking at a friend's house and then our weekly trip to Zig Zag... I can't work out how to rotate the picture, sorry!  

And finally we relaxed again, met Pappa for lunch and then did a scrap book of our week...

Now for the weekend, then Pappa's off for the week to hopefully finish bits at home.

Today Pappa suggested it would be good to have some baskets in our wardrobe to keep our worn clothes in, if they're not ready for the wash yet. And F had grown out of her clothes - the sleeves were too short.

I'm sure most housewives go out the next week and try to buy something that will work. And I did have an amusing conversation with Pappa about how I'd have to either spend money or if I didn't, he didn't like '2nd hand'.

But then he took the girls out andddddd I went shopping at home! What do you mean I can imagine you saying? (That was Pappa's reaction) Well I had to take some washing downstairs and thought I'd see what we had in terms of spare containers - I keep empty boxes etc in our cave for now. And I happened to find a few spare boxes that were perfect for the job... And I also went through the 2 boxes we had of clothes from F for Z, and sorted them into boxes I'd saved that were cardboard, from Ikea (I'll take a picture later but they had the girls' shelves in them and happen to fit perfectly on top of F's wardrobe) So now all their 'spare' clothes are sorted nearly and labelled in boxes.

F has just grown into her next size of clothes but does have some REALLY big clothes ;) Andddd I happened to have bought some clothes in the next size up from my friend so we had them all ready and waiting for F... I hope it means most of her wardrobe is now bought for about €20! :)

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