Wednesday, 11 February 2015


I had started a list of what we still have left to do but it's started to get depressing so I'll tell you about my day and next week instead. This was first written about 2 weeks ago and I wasn't going to post it but if anyone else has days like this I thought it might cheer them up a bit... My time has considerably improved since this, thankfully! ;)

It was supposed to look like this:
8am drop girls at 'school'
go to friend's house for coffee etc
9am meeting at friend's house regarding school book week - I've joined the parents association.
POSSIBLY 12 meet hubby and a man at a DIY store to sort bathroom
pm and sometime around this clean the house

What actually happened:
8:30 drop girls at school
Left meeting at 11:30 after hubby says he can't make meeting at lunch time
At 12 meet at DIY store. Leave 'the man' at 1pm.
Finally finish picking out bathroom items and paying/ arranging delivery/ collecting tiles at 3:30pm!
Go home, grab something to eat then head to school again at 4pm to collect girls

Slightly annoying that I haven't had time for any cleaning so the house is a tip.

This weekend was supposed to be:
Saturday go to Ikea for wardrobe, bookcases and hopefully some other bits, Krav Maga Stage
Sunday move furniture from laundry cave (to the garage) ready that I can paint the laundry cave next week

What it's now looking like:
Saturday shopping
Sunday craft fayre MAYBE and hopefully moving furniture

No time for the stage at the moment!? :(
Husband is not home from work yet or any idea when he'll be back at 6:30pm.

What actually happened:
Saturday Ikea
Sunday I can't actually remember. I think we did something with friends & then moved furniture.

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