Saturday, 21 February 2015


I wrote this ages ago but feel it's still quite relevant:

I follow various blogs and they often seem to have something related to minimalism about them. Minimalist Mom is one of my first ports of call but I also follow the new blog written by Kelly Oribine, as I used to follow her previous blog/s - The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking & The Year Of Less. Kelly has recently had a productive week as she phrased it (I mentioned this on facebook and this was her reason) and posted SEVERAL great ideas on minimalism. And they've inspired me. So following my productive decluttering weekend and my busy day today (more to follow on that later), it got me thinking about what DP and I enjoy doing and how our priorities may have changed since we first met - 11 years ago (!) and how our living space should reflect that. My goodness, that sounds very poetic doesn't it?! I KNOW DP will take the mickey out of me for saying that! ;) (I wonder where the phrase 'take the mickey' comes from? I was wondering earlier today where the phrase 'knickers in a twist' comes from so if anyone can shed any light, I gather the latter is due to the longer knickers previously worn?)

Soooo ideas I hope to implement from NOW that I have gained from these blogs:

As the lovely Kelly O suggests I have changed the tabs on my internet browser so that instead of facebook, email, blogger, DVLR, twitter and pinterest opening, now nothing does apart from new tabs. I plan to set some time, ideally at night but on Mondays & Thursdays we'll see, to go through my emails and respond to anything on both facebook and emails, within a set time limit. I am hoping half an hour for each but again, this is a work in progress. I also hope, depending on other commitments, to preplan some blog posts... And yes, I have created a Feedly account. This will I hope also reduce some of the massive amounts of email notifications I get about new blog posts. It also means that as I can't get distracted by emails on the go or when I open my laptop, I hope to be more 'present' with my children and home and not be contacting DP for every little thing. *It doesn't solve the issue I currently have of 20+ pages of emails in my inbox that I haven't been able to deal with since I was pregnant, but I'll worry about that later.

*** I did this and then ended up changing it again but I'm thinking of trying some of it again...

I am thinking of subscribing to Amazon's service but I don't think we need to renew any items at the moment.

*** Doesn't seem to work in Luxembourg & I'm trying to switch to more environmentally friendly options anyway.

I currently have a sort of uniform - jeans (I have some blue, 1 black and a blue skirt) and a tshirt (I'm trying to move towards a style of polo shirt I recently found that I love) and jumper. I have kind of done the opposite to Rachel and tend to wear the same jewellery but a different coloured top each day. I don't really want to invest more effort than 'pick a pair of jeans, top and jumper, if it's cold, to wear' in getting dressed each morning and I don't feel the need to, to be honest. I've never worried about fashion excessively so now I have children, especially 1 being a baby that posits occasionally, going out and discovering baby sick, left over cereal or something else down me somewhere is unfortunately still fairly realistic! However I have been doing a lot of washing lately through implementing Project 333 and then read Rachel's comment about 'spot washing' clothes and realised it made sense and isn't something I'd done or considered! Doh... I do plan to cover my wardrobe and similar things in another post, this is just to touch on ideas.

I have just set a time limit to complete the 'dramatic' initial 'get rid of stuff' because DP is fed up of the concept of having more free time but it never actually appearing. Which is totally understandable. We have also discussed that we're getting rid of our Wii Fit (never played because our children are too young), the few board games we have (as before) and I am going to get rid of most, if not all, of my DVD's because through discussion I realised I don't actually like watching that many films more than once! I am also hoping to get a babysitter round for IP to meet and get used to, so that we can go to the cinema more, something we both used to love doing and haven't done for at least 2.5 years...

*** I never managed to get rid of the wii fit but did get rid of my DVD's, just not hubby's. And the stack of things to get rid of having moved house is taking over our hallway so I'm going to have to deal with it soon! ;)

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