Monday, 9 February 2015

National Day of Unplugging... It's Over! ;) 8/3/14

So I heard and wrote about National Day of Unplugging here but I apologise that I never got the chance to edit this and actually publish it. So now we're in February 2015 and I've checked that this year it's 6-7th March 2015. So I guess I'd better complete this before I do it this year! ;)

Saturday night... 

I used my mobile last night because a friend was coming round, so I switched it off at around midnight. I then didn't use my mobile all day today. I did put the tv on for F this morning, as normal. I didn't use my laptop all day. And as it's meant to be sunset to sunset and we're out tomorrow night I plan to not use my mobile after sunset tomorrow, instead... It's not quite the same but what was really nice about today was the ONLY thing I missed was not having my phone camera at the park... Admittedly I have cheated a bit, but it was still nice to actively not use my mobile or laptop all day... Oh yes, and I also looked at R's ipad at something. ;)

I do really need to get more into the habit of not checking facebook or my emails CONSTANTLY. A number of friends have mentioned they have the same issue, recently. One checks for maybe 20 minutes twice a day, not on her phone, now. And given that I never used to use facebook at all when it first started, compared to friends and others, I am cross with myself for struggling to 'give it up' so much. One friend said she doesn't really use her phone at weekends 'cos hubby's home. Which made a lot of sense to me.

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