Tuesday, 3 February 2015

New year, new you?! New Years resolutions?

I wrote this post about a month ago and I think I was out shopping with no internet at home. So I never got round to finishing it:

My ideas & priorities have changed considerably over the last few months. Up until a few weeks ago I was saying I will return to French lessons next year. But this week I've had a change of heart. I don't enjoy learning languages. And I realised this month that I speak enough to get by. I do 3.5 hours of classes that are in French per week. And the lady I've partnered most with was impressed last night when I spoke 1 word in French so I said I obviously need to use it a lot more (She likes speaking English with a native).

So I think formal lessons will probably wait. Hopefully I can still go to Luxembourgish lessons later in the year. 

I've had lots of ideas,

And of course this doesn't include our house. Which we still have a lot to deal with. We haven't finished really any of the rooms...

Another hope I have for the year is to continue with Juice Plus 'clean eating'. I'm still planning to pre cook the family's meals at the start of each month, freeze, then reheat each night. 

We had a busy start to the new year but I am determined good times will be ahead:
And all of this isn't necessarily in order! ;) 

There's been various challenges having moved house. The walls are textured and not easy to paint. The wall material I think is stone so hard - hubby bent a drill piece trying to put a mirror up. But I feel we're making progress so hopefully things will start to happen a little bit quicker and as a result we'll be able to get a bit more organised and then as a result of that I'll find more time during the day and won't feel like I can't achieve anything (for example on Friday I planned to clean the house but had a meeting in the morning, then met the guy who's fitting our bathroom and was in the DIY shop for 3+ hours, finally getting home with enough time to eat before collecting the girls immediately).

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