Saturday, 7 February 2015

Practising 'The Secret'...

I wrote this AGES ago. Update at the bottom:

My cat has an incurable illness. I can't remember the full name but his vet actually told me and my husband all cats respond to the medication but not my cat. The vet then said that he's likely to develop diabetes because the condition means he's hungry all the time (but if I just constantly feed him he'll get ill) so it's a case of monitoring him.

Well I suddenly thought last night that it doesn't hurt to practise using 'The Secret' to cure him. This post tells of someone else who cured a similarly incurable disease in her cat using the power of attraction so I told hubby last night, we lose nothing by trying!

You may think why is she telling me this, what if she doesn't achieve it? Well I figured the best way to start is to tell 'the world'... We are supposed to check his cortisone levels regularly at home, to see if the risk of diabetes increases and whilst we've got the kit, we haven't managed it at all. But he seems happy enough so I assume he is ok. Ignorance is bliss.

Firby, taken in the UK

Currently the biggest issues we/I have is that when he gets hungry he gets aggressive. So about 10pm every night he starts annoying me and scratching. Around 5pm and sometimes he starts whining at about 6am. This is an hour before he's due food... Also the only food he seems to tolerate is wet food which means his teeth are in poor condition. And it's not easy and quite expensive to get hold of said food (I say not easy, I can't buy it from the local supermarket).

Also whenever he goes outside which we try to let him out as often as possible, he then eats grass and is often sick. And that in itself is pretty terrifying because the vomit coming up his throat causes him to make the most awful noise. It's like a small child howling.

Initially what bothers me is that he's aggressive when hungry. Then I would love him to be able to eat dried food. The biggest thing I find with 'The Secret' is that it takes a lot of practise of thinking positively, writing things down etc. So as I don't have masses of time, I'm going to think ahead. When we had our other cat, she had arthritis and was dramatically improved, off a strong medication, when she came to live with us. I believe it was because she got love and attention but most of all she had a house and garden to run around in (others I know with the condition have to do exercises daily). So as we are moving in November I believe that Firby cat will feel a lot better when he can go out when he wants (we'll have a cat flap) and a bigger house to explore. He's always prefered being able to go out on his own terms. His illness is directly related to going to the toilet so I'm sure using a litter tray isn't helping.

Having moved house I then contacted a home visiting vet. She doesn't think he does have said disease though she's going to double check for me. She seems a lot more reassuring. He's allowed out most days at the moment but we haven't had a cat flap installed yet. He's been moved successfully onto half and half dried and wet food because the specialist food he was on they do a dried version of now. :) So this is a happy cat owner right now! :)

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