Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Who says it can't be done?!

Again another 'catch up' post:

In the words of my husband 'to those who doubted me...'

I started formally looking for a job at the start of a week. We got back from holiday the Sunday evening. I applied for a job & registered with the agencies I'd had recommended by a recruitment consultant friend. I'd already registered on various websites so I kept checking back on them. I didn't dismiss anything but I kept looking for a particular type of job. 

I was asked to go in and register at one agency which I did. I also have a meeting with another agency next week to register. The first agency put my cv forward at one company for 2 jobs yesterday, I think. Today at 5pm I got a phone call inviting me for an interview next week. 

I clearly haven't got the job yet and I'm incredibly nervous. But most of all I'm excited.

*Update: and obviously those of you who have read this blog a while will know that I did get said job but I decided that actually my children were more important. However my experience proves that if you want something and work for it enough, you will get it.

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