Monday, 30 March 2015


I wrote this AGES ago with the title 'The end is in sight? I hope...'

In the last 10 weeks I have learnt that I am NOT a fan of newborn babies (well not my own anyway). No, I am not joking. And no, I don't believe I have post natal depression or not a severe case anyway. I am tired. ZC was 10 weeks old yesterday. Yes, I know, hasn't time flown by!? Christmas is next week, she was born in October and so much has happened!

My mother summed up how I feel last week:

I was talking about the differences between IP and ZC as babies. She said

'And you probably thought you could do things better with ZC to avoid all the issues you had with IP didn't you?'

She also pointed out that it's a valuable lesson to learn. So #1: Baby number 2 no matter what you think could be very different to baby number 1.


IP was premature so had a set of 'issues' from the start that we had to follow. She came home from the SCBU (Special Care Baby Unit) on a 'routine' of bottles every 4 hours and was tiny. So I had to get up overnight and feed her at 3am. I hated that feed. She wouldn't resettle easily and I longed to drop that feed. At 8 weeks old approximately she had a cold and slept through the night. So I waited for her to do it again... And she didn't. Finally at about 4 months old I read a Gina Ford book (I know, I know!) and she said 'some babies get into the habit of waking when they don't need to. Try resettling baby without getting them out of the cot with some cooled boiled water or patting them'. I thought it doesn't hurt to try it so the next night I patted IP and 3 nights later of doing so, she slept through! And has been fantastic at sleeping ever since - at 2.5 years old she still has a day time nap (thank gawd!), sleeps 7:30pm to 7am and for at least the first year would actually sleep in later if she went to bed later - eg 10pm to 9am at weekends! I know, we were VERY lucky!

So when ZC was born and at term (37+6) I thought yey as soon as she sleeps through the night the first time (unaided - she did so one night but was too hot) I can get her to do it again. Uh uh. I read something the other day and have a bad feeling after this morning that it's the case with ZC: because she has silent reflux the 5am waking is not for a bottle, it's because she's got stomach material coming up which is painful. So she may not have premature issues but she has a different set of silent reflux/ allergy issues.

And that is just one example. That said, all the pediatrician's I have seen have said she should grow out of it and this weekend she seems to have dramatically improved so I am hoping that it's the beginning of her maturing and us catching up on some sleep...

Last week I finally got a prescription for Zantac Rantidine and milk thickener. We started giving her the milk thickener on Saturday, to see if it helped and randomly as of yesterday (Sunday) she started to take her full bottle in about half an hour, absolutely fine - beforehand she was taking an hour plus to take a bottle so it was becoming hell for me and a bit of a nightmare in general....

So much so that I had put IP into creche almost full time as of last week. I was hoping and am more hopeful now that I might be able to do normal times after Christmas... I think it was the time taken to have bottles that was the biggest issue previously so hopefully now ZC is taking them much faster, it won't be as much fo an issue! :)

Anddd another hopefully, now she's getting bigger, I may have some more time to worry less about her and get writing again. I have missed massively, writing blog posts.'

So I wrote that actually about a year or so ago! And Z does sleep ok through the night. I can't remember if she did at this point but she did at some point. And I still maintain I don't want more children. But she does definitely have a totally different personality to F.

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