Monday, 16 March 2015

Chore & Reward Chart...

I had every intention of making F a chore and reward chart. From scratch. But then we were in a shop agesssss ago and I saw this. And thought sometimes I just need to 'let it go' and 'buy it in'... (I can often spend so long making something we never actually implement it) So I did:

It's still taken me weeks to get round to actually checking all the chores are there. And when we first did it she responded really well to them so I'm actually kinda cross with myself for taking so long. But lately F's been having more and more hissy fits and not listening so hopefully this will actually help. 

I used this article for ideas. So F's 'chores' are:
  1. Lay the table
  2. Put away 'bowl' after meal & clean the table/sweep under
  3. Brush teeth
  4. Put toys away
  5. LISTEN!

We've been working on these recently, just not 'formally'. This chart is magnetised and the idea is we choose a number of magnets as a reward but I think we'll probably just go with it.

So we'll see! :)

Oh and by the way, we use a mixture of techniques for bad behaviour. Yesterday we were 'out' and she was misbehaving so I told her to sit in 'time out' for 3 minutes but I wasn't stern with it, she was allowed to look at the rest of the room, it was just so she got the idea. Recently she lost a pen the day she got a new pack of pens so I told her she couldn't have them back again until she found the pen... (she didn't miss them too much in the mean time and it was actually Papa that found it but it's the principle) And if she's really misbehaving at home then I'll take a toy away. 

On the whole, I am incredibly proud of F and Z. All day yesterday (unintentionally) we were out and they were both well behaved for the majority of the day. I left at 10:30am, they met me at about 11am and we left the restaurant at about 11pm! So they stayed with me and their Dad all day at the school book fair, then helped pack up and played with the other children then came to the restaurant and had dinner nicely. Considering F is only 3.5 years old and Z not even 18 months yet, we/I get so many compliments I'm really proud...

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