Sunday, 1 March 2015

Dirty Laundry

Yes, I am really talking about washing your dirty laundry. But preferably NOT in public ;) I got this via email this week from Clean Mama and as I was just about to 'start' our laundry routine, I realised that I actually seem to have a laundry routine and it kinda seems to work for us! For me that's a big shock! ;)

Soooo what do I do? Well I actually kinda do both the suggestions Clean Mama makes. About a month ago I realised that whilst our daughter's bathed on a Sunday night, was a good time for me to take a couple of massive laundry bags up to their rooms. I use the Ikea bags so they're also easy to carry. Whilst hubby is bathing them, I gather their dirty laundry - they have a basket in each room so today for example I just chucked both baskets' contents on top of each other in a Ikea bag. Then I had a separate bag to put towels in. 

This week I hadn't gotten round to taking their clothes off the line on Friday/Saturday and the baby hadn't been very well so needed clean pj's and sleeping bag. So I literally put a bag underneath the lines and 'tip' the clothes off the line and into the bag. Then I took it up to their rooms, starting in the baby's as she was really tired and needs bed first. And then whilst she was in the bath I sorted through and put her clothes away.

This is another thing: I noticed a friend spent a long time folding all the family's washing up neatly. I asked hubby if his mum did that and apparently yes. Apparently this makes me an awful mother that I just don't have the time or inclination. Oh and when F was a baby our friend mentioned how she ironed all her daughter's dresses. I was aghast and we discussed more than once how F did not look creased or crumbled despite not having her clothes ironed. She was a baby, about to crawl on her clothes, why would I bother ironing them?! 

Well I have to admit I have now taken it to a new level 'cos I have even less time these days. So Z has a few drawers (her one smart dress is in her sister's wardrobe). And I just chuck clothes into them. Top 2 have tights and socks so they're easy. Next has pj's. Then she has trousers and 'tops'. Just chucked in because there's so few they don't stay put long enough. The bottom drawer is dresses and jumpers. And again, they don't stay folded neatly so I don't bother to start with. I did, ages ago, spend hours organising their drawers but it lasted about 5 minutes so I don't see the point now. 

What I do want to do that I haven't done recently is apply Project 333 to both girls and my wardrobes. I plan to when I next get the chance but right now I'm ok with that because they have enough clothes to keep them going through the week until the next laundry load and mostly both have clothes to grow into. 

So back to my laundry routine: having taken all their dirty clothes and then the towels down to the laundry room, I then take our dirty laundry down as well. This should be all the dirty laundry in the house. Our towels and cleaning cloths go in our dirty laundry basket. In hindsight this may not be the best but it works for us right now...

I had also taken down the nappies so I've already put them on. This weekend for the first time in about a month I actually had done all the washing by Saturday so I wanted to continue to 'relax' but previously I've immediately sorted through all the laundry:

1 load of adult whites
2 loads of adult 'darks'
1 loads of kids washing, mixed
Baby's nappies as and when needed

Oh yes, that's the other thing: when I was younger I never got round to changing my bed sheets weekly and unfortunately that's continued. I know, I'm terrible. But do you know what? No one complains at me and hubby is quite welcome to change this cycle if he wants but he never has. We change the bed sheets when we feel they need doing... And all beds have about 2 sets of sheets... The baby has a few sleeping bags and some spare sheets. So no, one of the loads is not bed sheets...
Yes this is mostly what my laundry room looks like on a Sunday evening when it's all been taken down! ;)

Nappies wise as I say, I remembered this week to put them on first. When the bin starts to get full up then I have asked hubby if he spots it first, if he can take it down to be washed... So I probably have to do 2 loads a week. She's at creche a fair amount of the week in disposables so it's really to keep the smell down a little...

As of this week I learnt that I can't tumble dry some of the nappies so I've started putting them on the line but I've saved both clothes horses we previously had PLUS there's a line outside for when it's sunny - woo hoo! (And actually rain is fantastic for cloth nappies so I might peg them out next time I have a chance)

Going back to the laundry routine, having got all the laundry into the cave, every day I then put a new load on each night. I take the previous night's clothes out and put on the washing line. Then when it's dried I sort it and put away. If I do it that adult clothes are done first, that means that the girls' clothing is done in time for the Sunday night of putting it away and getting the new load of dirty laundry... As Clean Mama says in her article, this routine probably won't last forever or work permanently but for the last month it has worked. I realised a while ago I hate routines so I think this probably helps because I can still put a load in during the day if I want to.

The other big thing for me regarding Project 333 is that whilst I want to do it again soon, I know that we have just enough clothes to last us a week or so before I then do the next load of washing. So if that's more than 33 items, I'm not sure I'd change it or be that worried anyway? What I do need to do is I've just bought 2 new tops (and a dress) so I need to take some of the ill fitting tops out of my drawer...

I currently have masses of things to sort through in a part of the cave & get rid of. Clothes the baby grows out of normally go to her creche when I have the chance. Well I sorted through all of the clothes F had grown out of we'd saved for Z, in the process of finishing their bedrooms. And discovered random things like extra dresses and useless hats!

Anyway, this is all totally off the actual topic of: WHOOO HOOO I've got a vague laundry routine! :D It's working at the moment...

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