Monday, 30 March 2015

Exciting shopping find! :)

Ive had a very quiet week this week because I had a bad cold that knocked me out most of the week but we've just been shopping (hubby wanted to try stocking up the wine cellar/cave & the shop was open on a Sunday unusually) & I'm officially considered 'sad'.

We found soda crystals so I'm going to try making my own washing powder & yes I'm super excited! :)

My amazing, lovely friend on facebook, Shoestring Mum (search groups & ask me if you want to join) has been inspirational. She's a true role model for me. Some examples:

The rest of the world often hate Monday's so she's made it her mission to love Mondays. 
She thinks carefully through all her choices like using family cloth & no tv so she can work part time & still have other things. 
She works in 'not for profit' & regularly donates to food banks, etc.

I won't list everything because it would take a long time and some of her choices I don't do for various reasons. But today she mentioned washing powder made from soda crystals & baking soda. We happened to be in a shop at the time & I spotted soda cystals. 

Oh yeah, I also found coconut oil to do 'oil pulling' with. Google it...

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