Monday, 9 March 2015

Post 2: What we did a few weeks ago:

So having just written a post about what we did a few weeks ago... I've just found the draft post with all the other pictures! 

Hubby painted the strip we'd left white in the lounge. We're playing safe for now.

We had a 'quick' trip to Ikea and bought some 'bedside tables':

We bought a rail up in the kitchen for utensils and the iron on the wall:

Random 'decorations' and pictures: Hubby was not impressed with this one!

^ Luckily Z LOVES her room! :)

^ And finally, we bought some sloping shelves for the study and got some of the pictures up. Not all. F insisted on helping Papa & groaning and rubbing her back as she got on the floor and up! ;)

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