Monday, 9 March 2015

So a few weeks ago we did stuff at home:

Oops sorry I thought I'd posted this already! A few weeks ago hubby took the week off so we could catch up on stuff at home:

I'm sure there are other photos. I'm sure I took this mid week and meant to add to them. So apologies that I haven't but to be honest with you, I'm feeling really really rubbish today. I think I  have been too crazy the last few weeks and I need to slow down a bit (and I didn't think I'd been that crazy busy!). Sooo you have to make do with just these pictures. ;)

The top one is Z's room with the wall stickers. The middle is F's wall now it's finished (no it did not turn out quite how I meant but never mind). And the bottom is Z's room mid paint. Again, not absolutely perfect because F likes blue so doesn't feel her room has been painted which kinda sucks. But in the grand scheme of things, it could be a lot worse...

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