Saturday, 14 March 2015

This week

Some things I haven't done so well at:

1. I haven't been writing posts on a Saturday morning as planned ages ago because...

2. Last Saturday we had a ridiculously busy day & then I got a sore throat. The good thing is I implemented a chill out for the week to try to keep a cold at bay & it worked. 

3. So I also didn't manage to catch up on my posts as I hoped. I didn't go to Krav Maga on Monday but by Tuesday afternoon I was feeling more 'normal'.

4. Been ok with clean eating but not great. Need to be stricter... Trouble with here is there's lots of alcohol & meals out... 

Hubby & I have just been discussing future plans for the weekend so we may be able to implement some changes... 

So I hope next week I'll manage to catch up.

I have discovered my friend has a feeder scanner so may be able to do 1 of my jobs better. 

Had a visit to the printers so got lots of outstanding jobs done...

Had dinner with said friends for girls night. 

Started advertising 2 businesses formally. 

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