Friday, 13 March 2015

What to do with your child's artwork?

I had planned on a lovely post with suggestions or links in it to other blogs on what to do. But frankly if you put the title of this post into google, as I did, you'll get masses of suggestions. So I'm going to tell you my latest 'plan' (yes I've not yet done it) and then you can decide yourself! Novel idea, eh? ;)

I recently discovered a 'shop' called Mister Copy in Luxembourg and it's like my dream! I can scan (bigger than A4!), print, bind, have business leaflets etc printed and buy all stationery! Or I can pay someone else to do it! Even better... Soooo I plan on going there with my big box of F's art work and scanning it all. Then either binning or sending to family or using as wrapping paper. To be honest, probably the former...

I have saved pretty much every piece of paper she's drawn so much as a line on so I figure if I scan it all then bin it, she can remember it in the future. I've already photographed then binned her '3D' creations. Again, she has quite a few already, for a 3.5yo!

I believe this works best for us. We now have an artwork line so obviously initially artwork will go on that:

What is your solution?

hanging child's artwork

I love this idea ^ But then again there's so many ideas in the world ;)

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