Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Z's room

As I've just done it...

I'm not 100% happy with this, it goes too far round the wall at the moment so I'll probably add photo's later and I have to put photo's in the other frames but I had the equipment in the room to do this so I'm glad it's getting there. 

This is a timeline of her first year, displayed at her birthday party.

^ I love stuff like this. I had this in my bedroom for years as a kid and then found it when we were sorting pictures. It was stuck to the back board and in a gold frame but with a new frame and me using a knife to cut it out, a few minutes later and Z has her Mummy's old picture! Anddd I'm considering it as a theme for her next birthday, whilst I'm still able to choose what she has! ;)

(P.S. Yes, I have set the study up and am actually 'working' in the study, hence lots of posts! Don't expect this diligence every day! ;))

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