Friday, 3 April 2015

Baby led v. Schedules

When I was pregnant with F I was determined she would be a 'Gina Ford, Contented Little Baby'. Then F arrived prematurely and my whole world was thrown upside down. She did not at all follow the schedules Gina recommended.

One day someone recommended 'Save our sleep' by Tizzie Hall. Absolutely desperate I bought the book and didn't look back. F fitted the routines perfectly up to an age where I felt safe to go it alone...

So when Z was born I assumed she'd follow the same pattern & I'd developed a hatred of Gina Ford, for all sorts of reasons. It hit me like a ton of bricks when Z wouldn't sleep through or take long naps, the way F would. In desperation I had already bought 'My contented little baby and toddler' so I read it and... Yes, it turned out that having developed a hatred of  Gina Ford, my second baby was going to betray me and be a Gina Ford baby!

What she wouldn't do is make it through the last part of the day. So in the end I did what every parent is told not to do and let her have a nap, finishing an hour before bedtime. And do you know what? It worked!

So, my baby/s is/are on combination schedule. I don't stick rigidly and we don't follow 1 pattern. But it works for us.

The other massive difference for Z is that F, if it was nap time would sleep anywhere. We could be in noisy coffee shop, I'd put her in her car seat at x time she'd be asleep. Z no way. She will a) stay awake and b) get grumpier and grumpier. She will also scream for hours. I love them both for their different personalities but if I'd had Z first, I might have thought twice or longer about having another!:)

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