Saturday, 4 April 2015

Easter Holidays

I've just realised the Easter bank holiday is upon us and I haven't said what we might be getting up to! There's a reason... Last week I had a really bad cold that developed into a cough... Now my voice is going!

But that doesn't mean Hubby is letting me off... He gets cabin fever if kept in too long so demands we get out this weekend. So far the plans are:

  • I need to clean indoors then we'll probably do an Easter egg hunt indoors because it's meant to rain today.
  • Tomorrow morning I'm taking F to All Nations Church, as she went to the local Catholic church last night. Hubby is not happy about this but I feel she should learn the stories behind festivals, it's not all about chocolate. I will post more about this separately, hopefully.
  • Then he's mentioned going to an Easter festival.
  • On Easter Monday we're planning to go to the Emaischen to buy the girls another whistle... Hopefully with some friends.

emaischen luxembourg c sip

  • I realised recently that each school holiday comes about every 3 months so I'm planning to spend about a day sorting our clothes each holiday and a day on the girls' toys. 
  • This holiday 2 good friends are away the first week. During half term I was exhausted on the first day so I've decided not to pack too much in immediately. We did the Sushi Train on the same day as the Chocolate House. Well this time I plan to do them on separate days. 
  • F recently learnt to write her own name so I've promised we'll go shopping for a pen for her. Hopefully we'll have another crafting day, 
  • I've bought lots of cake mix and then we're hopefully going to do some days out with a friend.

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