Monday, 13 July 2015

The Law of Attraction/ The Secret/ positive thinking...

I wasn't sure what to call this post when I thought of it because I know a lot of people who've heard of 'The Secret', the laws of attraction or just plain positive thinking separately. My mum has been reading about it for years. It just wasn't called that then...

About 18 months ago my mum gave me a book, 'The Secret', by Rhonda Byrne. I rolled my eyes like normal. I don't have time anymore to read! I took it on holiday because I had nothing else. And as it happened, I read a fair bit. And it made a lot of sense to me. Especially events that were recent. 

I haven't thought massively about it since but I have tried to implement a few things and spoken to a few people. Then on Friday I went to a Mumpreneurs coffee morning. And I met Joyce, who I had already spoken to on facebook. Joyce always posts really positively. She also 'believes in' the Law of attraction. So over the weekend I, partly unintentionally, did a lot of thinking about things and have decided to really start using the Law of attraction.

This morning I decided to try Joyce' affirmations whilst brushing my teeth. Ok, not the most glamorous but up until now I just think whatever whilst doing that. So this morning I thought 'I will attract money like bees to a honey pot' amongst other affirmations. I went shopping as I had no breakfast at home... And just got €50 worth of shopping for free! Yes, yes, I know a lot of people who think it's coincidence. I don't.

I know I have been silent of late. There's various reasons: I launched a business a few months ago and have been trying to keep up with it. I've had a lot of activity at home so no time spare. For anything. BUT one of the things I got the chance to do this weekend was think about why I love the law of attraction. I intend to change the craziness. Over the last few months, whilst I've been enjoying myself I didn't feel like I was actually getting anywhere.

That is going to change:

  • I have started saying no to certain things that much as I'd love to be involved, I don't have the time.
  • I am going to start scheduling my time and get into a proper routine.
  • I will earn enough money that by the end of 2015 I can employ a cleaner & pay for us to go on a decent holiday (a cruise) once a year.
  • I will make enough time to eat 'cleanly'. This includes the shopping, preparing and eating.
  • I will make enough time to do 'exercise'. (I've been signed off of Krav Maga but plan to meet a friend to practise)
  • I will be healthy.
  • F is signed up to a swimming course in the late summer. I wanted her to do Krav Maga but she doesn't enjoy it and I can't force her. Z will already be at creche so it will be our 'thing'. I've signed up to a Summer reading challenge as well, intending to read a book a day to both girls. And in September I hope to take Z to a playgroup session so she gets some mummy time too. I didn't feel I was being a very good mother and whilst I know this isn't for everyone, this is a solution that works for me. (I will be the mother I want to be)
  • Business wise: I will get the additional contracts I want and keep the one I currently have.
In bold are the affirmations I will repeat. Just to clarify, this isn't exactly what I'd say and there's more...

But by announcing on here my intentions, I think it's a good start to getting where I want to be! ;) 

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