Monday, 24 August 2015

Being peaceful

I follow minimalism as much as possible but I wouldn't say I'm a minimalist yet & I'm not sure I'll ever manage it as much as I'd like.

One of the things about minimalism that appeals to me is making memories. I'm not so good at slowing down but in the process of making memories recently I've become aware I need to slow down. Or at least not worry so much & not speed up.

F has been going to swimming lessons. She's loving it so we're hoping to book her on some more. This got me thinking/panicking how am I going to fit in swimming lessons, rainbows in a year & our current play dates? Then I calmed myself down & stopped worrying. It'll resolve itself, 1 activity at a time! ;)

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

15 Summer holiday suggestions, better late than never...

I had planned to write a post at the start of the holidays with ideas for how to keep youngsters busy. But the world had other ideas. First I discovered that in the last few weeks of school I'd be very busy... Then Z got ill the last half week so had to stay off so instead of a nice peaceful first few days of the (8 week!) holiday with F, we all had to stay home which was not much fun.

Then the first full week Papa was off. Then I caught a virus so he spent most of the second week moaning at me. I then decided to drive to the UK with both my daughters. So that's 3 weeks taken up! And then on our return we spent the weekend with friends at Europa park.

I have kept a running list of ideas:

  1. Paint picture frames
  2. Paint shelves
  3. Do canvas button pictures
  4. Actually decorate frames to put the photos in that we had done last Christmas and still haven't sent to Grandparents etc :/
  5. Draw labels for clothes, etc
  6. Visit our local sushi train
  7. Visit 'The Chocolate House'
  8. Go swimming
  9. Cinema
  10. Baking
  11. Sort clothes and toys for sale
  12. Cork crafts
  13. Possibly salt craft
  14. Fizzing paint
  15. Put tent up and sleep in it
I also had the idea that F could do and 'use up' all the random crafts bought and then anything left I'd sell but so far this hasn't proved very easy.

The way our summer holiday is actually shaping up:
  • F has gone swimming with creche this morning.
  • Tomorrow I'm at a Krav Maga stage so she's back at creche.
  • (House work had virtually gone out the window tho I have done a bit today)
  • Friday she's back at creche when I work all day.
  • The next 2 weeks F has swimming lessons in the morning.
  • And we have various appointments and play dates to fit in.