Sunday, 17 January 2016

Decluttering on a whole new level...


This new year has involved a lot of thinking on my behalf. I knew already what some of my goals were going to be and I'd considered others:

Business goals ~ (my facebook page will be updated with any news:
  • Personal goals: take my Krav Maga orange belt & of course pass first time.
  • Work for the Merite Jeunesse, proud to be the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Scheme, in Luxembourg (
  • Work with Telstar Scouts, via Beavers (with F) & Explorers (on expeds, etc).
  • Learn French fluently.
  • Improve my Luxembourgish.
  • Be the mum I want to be. 
  • Feel more organised at home (get a cleaner).
The last 2 goals are linked together. In order to be the mum I want to be, I need to be more organised. For example, before Christmas I saved crafts for the day when I could 'direct' F (which never happened and if it did) this then frequently resulted in an argument. After Christmas I now encourage putting things away (which having sorted their craft supplies and decluttered is much quicker) and then I just let F get on with it:

I have also massively decluttered so we can now get into our study. So when F wanted to do something I know exactly where the paints are. Thinking about it, I'm sure some of this goal is because F is now 4 years old so whilst Z naps (or I think was at creche) I can do things with F. Whatever the reason however, my goals and journey have changed, considerably.

And I'm afraid that all of this brings me onto something else. I started this blog in 2013 and looking back at my first (actually my second) post, life was massively different back then. Part of my decluttering has also included personal activities this year. One of those is I am no longer going to update this blog.

It's not that I don't have any more posts or that I don't want to keep blogging. It's that it's another thing on my mind. Another item on my to do list. Another worry.

I started this blog when I needed a 'business' focus. A way to track what we were doing and remind me what I wanted to achieve. But this last year I launched my own business so my own goals have changed considerably. And trying to remember to write a blog post (& set it to post at the right time) is not included, or to be part of that.

I have thoughts of what I could write about in the future, so it's not a 'never again' just a 'for now'.

But what's going to happen to this webpage, etc?

Well I'm going to leave this page up, due to the technical administration of writing a blog (at least for now).
I will however be deleting or closing the facebook page by the end of January.
And deleting the email addresses associated with this page.
I am planning to delete all the accounts also associated with it, on pinterest & twitter.

If there are any comments left on this post, they'll be sent to my personal email address for moderation/ publication/ response.

So: am Letzeburgish 'Adi', en Francais 'Au Revoir', in English 'Goodbye'! :)

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

New Years resolutions

I don't exactly make New Years resolutions but I have goals that might take longer. I like this post for a way to keep me on track:

Anddd I hope that this post has explained what I've recently realised:

^ The last post is bizarre in its timing. I love to hate my lack of ability at sports & in particular parts of Krav Maga. I've been doing it for nearly 2 years and dread the sessions we practise rolls, jumping press ups, etc. But a friend who appears much more athletic than me made a comment last year about how everyone hates it. 

I then noticed I didn't have to worry about F watching tv but she was instantly a little Madame if I let her so nothing was going to change, I had to just accept if I wanted her to be nicer, I had to invest some time. 'Suck it up' as it were.

And then I started to think it this year about house work (if I want to wake up to a clean kitchen I have to clean up as I go & before bed). Then I read the above post. I mentioned I was going to Krav Maga and was asked how I managed when it's just after Christmas. And the answer? I couldn't get up as early as 
'The slob come clean'. I regularly have to push myself to go (& my husband does push me out the door & tease if I don't go). But I know I've done exercise, met friends & heard some French when I do make the effort. And when I leave Krav Maga I feel better. So yes it's the last thing I want to do sometimes but I accept it. 

So I'm not about to announce my New Years resolutions just yet BUT I do plan to soon and one way I intend to achieve them is to 'just do it' as Nike say, or just get on with it... 

(And for anyone interested, I've noticed the law of attraction has also played a part in all this.)