Here are photo's of the nappy cakes I have made to date. If you would like further information then please email me. I plan to work on this more in the future, once Munchkin has arrived. My email address is: quinton (no space) crafts at hotmail dot com.

The first ever nappy cake I made, for a friend:

I didn't have many friends about to have babies at the time so it was a while before the next came up but I think it went in order like this:

I then made a 1 layer nappy cake for a friend whose babies were premature. This will be covered elsewhere in my blog but IP was premature so I used the opportunity to send to her anything I had needed. For example, everyone, including us, assumed that the hospital provides the premature nappies, etc, for your baby? No, for us, that was not the case, they provided 24 hours worth and as she was our first child, we hadn't stocked up. Then we could only find premature nappies in 1 local shop. The moral of this story relating to my shop? If you want me to personalise your nappy cake for something in particular I can do so. 

Sadly, I forgot to take a photo of the cake before I posted it to her and haven't been able to get one since (it wasn't exactly top priority).

Not long after that I decided to try researching what else could be made and see if I could make my own.

Before:      (basket of flowers)                                          After: 

Before:  (teddy bear)                                                      After:

Then we moved to Luxembourg and lots of friends decided to have babies:

And finally, my latest 'cake for a baby girl!

Anddddd another friend is pregnant so today received a nappy cake! 

For more information please email me...

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